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Pain Relief Oil
Tonetha D.

I shared it with my PCP, and he was amazed.

That's great news Tonetha! I'm so happy to hear your love the product.

Within the first week of using the body butter, there is a noticeable change on my skin. My skin feels better and has a youthful appearance to it.

Hi Olabisi, It's wonderful to hear you are getting great results from using the body butter.

This hair oil continues to work wonders

My hair has very tight coils and I can see the hair growth with my really tight coils (two strand twists), not to mention when those coils are loosened (e.g. blow dried). I continue to be amazed at how much my hair is growing!

Hello Danielle, I'm delighted to hear you're still seeing great results with the hair oil.?

I love when you buy a product that does what it say and more. Not only does the body oil moisture to your skin, it has such a refreshing fragrance that it feels like aromatherapy in a bottle, which is fantastic! This is one of my new favorite products.

It really help me with the pain in my knee

Hi Helen, I'm happy to hear you pain relief from you knee pain.

I used it and it didn't do anything for me. I'm still in pain. I would like a refund if possible

Hi Tammy, I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to get any relief from using the product. Would you mind sharing with me what type of pain you're experiencing? We might another product that is better suited to address that type of pain. Looking forward to your feedback, have a great day.

One of a kind

My skin doesn't agree with a lot of lotions on the market. In fact, most can literally pull the moisture and crack my skin. But the body butter creams from Hello Wellness have been AMAZING!! Not only in leaving me with moisture supple skin, but a lingering aromatic scent of calm.

Pain Relief Oil
Tizita T.
True pain reliever !

I have been suffering from a bilateral knee cap subluxation ( partial dislocation ) for the last 4 years from a lot of long distance running in the past. My goal is to manage this problem using conservative management which is pain management and exercise. This pain reliever has been a God sent to me on the days that I have very bad knee pain. It gives me a quick and long lasting pain relief. It helps me cut down my Advil intake. I have given this products to friends and family with chronic pain as a gift, every body always asks a for more. I have recently gifted this product to a friend recovering from chemo related joint pain and she swears by it. I can go on and tell a lot of amazing stories about this product, all I can tell you is give it a try and it will change they way you think about pain relievers . It is simple application is a plus !

Hi Tizita, That's wonderful news to hear you've found such great relief from the pain oil, and thank you for the referrals.

Game Changer! Pain Relief Oil

I am just going to call this a miracle oil! I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Lupus and have very bad muscle and joint pain that I get no relief from with physical therapy, narcotics or injections! I used this oil and those areas that always flare and I am just shocked at how quickly this oil got to the pain and subsided it. Now I don’t have to be so confined and can actually make plans ahead. Thank you for changing my life and those of others that I have shared this product with.

Hi Robin, I am so happy to hear you got such a great relief from the pain oil; it's results like this that inspire and drive why our products are created. I wish you continued pain relief and happy days. Thank you for sharing your review, and thank you for being a Hello Wellness Naturals customer.

Great Product!

Washing my hands regularly makes them dry but since I've been using this cream my hands have been moist

Washing my hands regularly makes them dry, but since I've been using this cream it has been moist

Fast shipping

Good customer service. Great product. I love it

It melts on my skin

I love this butter. Not sure that it brightens the skin as it claims but I love the smell and how it just makes my skin feel.

Simply the best body butter I’ve ever used

The melting of the cream on the skin and essential oil fragrance are soothing, nourishing and long lasting. The pain relief oil is pure magic. Used it on multiple isolated spots over my body and the pain relief is almost instant. As a marathoner I’ll definitely be incorporating this into my muscle recovery. I will not only highly recommend these products to any and everyone but all products by Hello Wellness. Their products are of the highest quality and their customer service is top notch. looking forward to trying their other products and restocking on the body butter and pain relief oil.

Have no problem with shipping

Releasing my aching pain and smoothie my entire body

Body Butter Duo
Elizabeth P.
Great product, fast service

I've ordered multiple times, and the products shipped quickly every time. Love this company and the products.

Body Butter Duo
Elizabeth P.
Love these butters

The absolute best thing for dry hands and feet!

Fast shipping

Great packaging. Excellent customer service!

Palmarosa+Bergamot repairing body oil

Improving and repairing my body aching

It makes my hair grow with more fullness and strength

MUST HAVE items in my life!

Hello Wellness products have become an indispensable part of my skin and hair care routine. As a man, I want skin products that are effective without feeling like I am using a stereotypical feminine product. I have achieved that goal with Hello Wellness products. The Tea Ginger Body Butter smell and results make it a stable in my hygienic needs (both at home and when I travel). I use it on my entire body to restore my skin to a natural moisturized look and hydration without the feel of feeling greasy and synthetic. I also purchased and used the Hair Growth Oil, which has enhanced my haircut texture and eliminated the stubborn dry scalp I suffered for years. These two products have become MUST HAVE items in my life :)

Soothing pampered

Made my skin feel smooth and psoetrd just like butter! ❤️